Early autumn:Women who wear shirts are particularly temperamental.

Early autumn:Women who wear shirts are particularly temperamental.

Early autumn:Women who wear shirts are particularly temperamental.

      Even with ever-changing fashion, classics are still inseparable. No matter how fashion evolves, shirts still sit firmly on the throne of fashion classics. Because of the simple style of the shirt, the designer will inevitably appear in the design of the shirt every quarter, giving it unlimited possibilities.

      In the autumn and winter , shirts always appear on the shows. Although the shirt is simple and versatile, it needs a little novelty to appear unique.Among them, the shirt fabric, version, color, these three points are particularly important. First look at fabrics, fabrics and texture determine the tone of the style of clothes. Stiff fabrics always give people a sense of seriousness, and when you put on textured silk, the whole person will become atmospheric and gentle.Secondly, the layout is also very important. A good shirt fit makes you look thin when you wear it. Choose the right fabric and version, and don’t forget the color. A pure color is always a good choice. Among them, some of the colors that highlight the texture are more atmospheric and attractive. Whether it is in the workplace or in life, it can be easily controlled.



      Remember Hepburn's classic look in "Roman Holiday"? It's really vivid and amazed the entire fashion circle. The interpretation of the white shirt and high-waist umbrella skirt is perfect, elegant, playful and touching. There are reasons why the classics are classic. They can interpret the endless possibilities of wearing and matching, and are deeply loved by major brands and fashionistas. So how do you wear a shirt? Come on have a show!

Shirt alone

      One advantage of long shirts is that they can be worn alone, and they are malleable and simple. People who want to be lazy can go out quickly. Of course, with a pair of sneakers, you will immediately become a cool girl on the street. If you want to have the visual effect of long legs, a belt or girdle must not be less, free and easy. You can also choose a shirt with a waist design, or use this year's popular "chain" to create a high waist line, which is simple and lazy.


Shirt as an inside

      A shirt and a suspender skirt can add a lot of inadvertent beauty whether it is a daily street or a party. And matching with the suspender skirt will not have a sense of contradiction, and it also has a touch of playfulness. With long jumpsuits, it has more retro literary atmosphere, which is more friendly to people with pear-shaped body.


Shirt with skirt

      Shirts and A-line skirts are always the best match. The coldness of the leather skirt neutralizes the simplicity and softness brought by the shirt or retro literature and art, easily creating a fashionable atmosphere. If you feel too dull, the colorful A-line skirt can definitely contract your entire romantic autumn. If you want to increase the sense of style, try putting an A-line skirt over the shirt. Remember that the skirt is shorter than the shirt, which not only increases the sense of style, but also adds the charm of the high waist line.

      The casual sense of the shirt neutralizes the elegant atmosphere of the straight skirt, which is suitable for office workers. Remember to follow the principle of tight and loose collocation. Tuck the front side of the skirt into the skirt to create a high waistline and create a perspective of long legs. If you want a stronger sense of style, you can use accessories to match it. A simple silk scarf on your head can bring a different effect.


Shirt with pants

      The matching of shirts and trousers is a classic, especially the wide-leg pants, which are refreshing and look tall and thin at the same time, and they are also very tolerant of the figure. The white shirt is a very classic fashion item among the shirts. It is a perfect combination with the solid color wide-leg pants. Of course, nine-point wide-leg pants are also good, they will stretch the legs visually. The overall clothing uses classic black and white color matching, with a strong sense of color contrast, which can give people a strong visual impact. Especially for women in the workplace, such a modern look is very aura. A pair of light-colored skinny jeans with a striped shirt is also suitable for young women to wear when going out or shopping.


      Unless you are an entertainer or fashionista, don't wear fancy shirts or black collarless shirts to work. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish the occasion of wearing a shirt.

Formal occasions

      Formal suits are plain, usually black, navy blue, gray, and dark coffee. Therefore, formal shirts should also be solid color shirts without stripes, mostly white or light blue, and white is more formal than any color. The collar type of formal shirts is usually a sharp collar. It is not suitable to choose a shirt with a button on the collar, nor can you choose a shirt without a lapel.

Informal occasion

      Even in a traditional country such as the UK, many industries are changing their strict dressing habits. Under the leadership of emerging industries such as IT, many companies around the world are adopting "semi-formal" dress code during daily working hours or when going out on business. Usually refers to a western-style jacket or jacket with a shirt, without a tie; the color and fabric of the pants do not have to be the same as the jacket. The choice of "semi-formal" shirts is much wider. You can choose more colorful shirts such as pink, light yellow, light green, and lavender, as well as striped and checkered shirts.

Dinner reception

      At a grand reception, it is best to wear a black western suit, a white shirt with silk fabric, and a colorful tie. At a cocktail party with a celebration or entertainment nature, you can dress with personality. Even if you don't have the above-mentioned clothes suitable for dinner parties, don't wear "semi-formal" clothes to attend the banquet, especially when you are an important guest at this banquet, you should at least wear formal clothes. You must not wear fancy shirts or jackets to attend, so that it does not respect others, and it also appears that you have no education and taste.

      While we are chasing trends, don't forget the popularity of classic models. They will never go out of style. If you don't know what to wear, just wear a shirt and be a fashionable woman.

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