Appreciation of Worldwide Wedding Dresses

Appreciations: Worldwide Wedding Dresses-1

Appreciations: Worldwide Wedding Dresses-1

Perhaps, white western wedding dresses is the most common one brides wear. Actually, people from different ethnic groups and countries have their own traditional wedding dresses with unique features. Now, let’s appreciate the traditional wedding dresses from some countries. Enjoy...

#1 Thailand

The following are the traditional Thai wedding dresses that Thai bride wear.
1 Thai Traditional Wedding Dress
2 Thai Traditional Wedding Dress

Except Thai people, some foreigners are also fond of Thai wedding dresses.  Foreigners in Thai Traditional Wedding Dresses  

#2 Vietnam
Look at another country-Vietnam. What kind of traditional wedding dresses do Vietnam bride wear?Vietnam Traditional Wedding Dresses 1
As Vietnam is close to China, China has a great impact on Vietnam culture. Thus, their traditional wedding dresses tend to Chinese style.

Vietnam Traditional Wedding Dresses 2
                                                                      #3 South Korea

The traditional wedding dresses of South Korea is the same as those we see on their costume pieces. South Korea Wedding Dresses 1

In order to follow the trendy fashion, designers combine South Korea’s traditional costumes with the elements of modern wedding dresses. So romantic and stunning.
South Korea Wedding Dresses 3

#4 Japan

See, Japanese in traditional costumes during their weddings.
Japan-Traditional Wedding Dresses 1
Japan-Traditional Wedding Dresses 1

Except the plain kimono, there are also colorful one.
Japan-Traditional Wedding Dresses  3
Japan-Traditional Wedding Dresses 4

#5 Scotland

Now, come to another country-Scotland.
Scotland-Traditional Wedding Dresses 1
Scotland-Traditional Wedding Dresses 2

Scotland-Traditional Wedding Dresses 3

We can see that their wedding dresses are full of stripes elements.
Scotland-Traditional Wedding Dresses 4

Next time, I'll continue to share other countries' wedding dresses for you. See you.

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