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How To Choose A Coat?

How To Choose A Coat?

Winter City

The cold wind began to blow strongly. I know winter is finally arrived. It’s time to snuggle up yourself with a warm coat. But how to choose a coat might be a big problem for most people, right?

Don’t worry. Today, we’re here to ease your woes. Coats can be divided into 6 types. Let’s follow our step to learn more about their features.

# 1 H Line Coat
(Almost Straight Coat)
Suitable For: All body types
Advantages: With straight and no waist design, it can modify a good variety of body types. Do not have to worry about your wide shoulder and plump body. Simple yet capable and handsome.
Tips: H line coat can easily style well, but it is a little difficult to highlight your figure strength. The only point you should note is the selection of coat length. Taller ladies can choose longer one for a strong aura; pretty ladies can opt for shorter one to create a lovely style; and medium one is suitable for everyone.

H Line Coat-1
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)
H Line Coat-2
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)
# 2 A Line Coat
(Extension Version of H Line)
Suitable For: As the extension version of H line, A line coat is also suitable for almost every body type. If your bottom half is a little chubby, you should be careful with this coat as it can make you look fatter.
Advantages: Compared with capable H line, the slight hem of A line adds a touch of elegance and decorousness to the coat.

1. You’d better wear openly for coats without waisted design. Or you will give people a false impression that you dress in the wrong clothes of your mother’s even if you are tall enough.
2. Double breasted can divert the focus of attention, which make you look slimmer.
A Line Coat
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)
# 3 X Line Silhouette Coat
(Belted Coat)
Suitable For: Shorter ladies; ladies with thick waist; ladies in pear-shaped figure.
Advantages: Belted coats are chic and comfortable and often very figure flattering on many ladies. Belted design will improve the flat visual effect of coat. And the tied or open condition of the belt can both add a feeling of style to your whole look. It can also make you look curvier and more elegant.
1. As for ladies whose upper half are a little bit wide, it is better not to choose belted coat. 
2. Choose the one that upper half with simple and well tailored cut, or it will easily make your upper half look plumper. 
3. Inner cloth should be lightweight and exquisite. Pairing with dresses and skinny pants will look better.
Belted Coat-1
(Left to right: 1; 2)
Belted Coat-2
(Left to right: 1; 2)
 # 4 O Line Coat
(Cocoon Coat)
Suitable For: Ladies who have longer legs; ladies in apple-shaped figure.
Advantages: Stylish and unique, cocoon coats are currently very fashionable. Oversized cut can not only cover the thick waist, but also make the thick legs become not obvious. It is quite suitable for tall and plump ladies.

1. Cocoon coats are not suitable for ladies with slopping shoulders, as it will make you look more chubby.
2. Apple-shaped ladies should choose simple cut one.
3. You’d better style cocoon coat with high heels or boots in order to elongate the legs.
4. Shorter cocoon coat in colorful one can be more photogenic.
5. Pairing with pleated skirts can create a vintage feel, and same color scheme will look high grade and more stunning.
Cocoon Coat
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)
 # 5 Long Coat
Suitable For: Taller ladies.
Advantages: The longer the coat, the stronger the aura. So, you can see the fashion icons like to wear longer coats in street snap.
1. Choose high-waisted inner clothes can look taller and better.
2. Dress openly to show off your long leg.
3. Shorter ladies should be careful with this coat as it can overwhelm you.

Long Coat
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)

# 6 Cloak

Suitable For: Ladies with thin legs.
Advantages: Flattering and stylish, you will look stunning when wearing it.
Tips: The upper half is wide enough, so the bottom half should be simple. Pair with short skirts or skinny pants to create a perfect look.

Cloak -1
Cloak -2
(Left to right: 1; 2; 3)

Clothes that suits yourself is what you are worth owning. No matter which kind of coat, a good coat should be the one that foster your strengths and circumvent your weakness. So, do you know which coat should you wear now?

And if you have no idea on how to style your coats, you can have a look at the article titled “Heated Tips On How To Pair Your Long Coats With Your Inner Clothes”. 

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